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First grow - should I be (more) worried?

So far I'm very happy with my first grow. I found the seeds, so I have no idea what strains they are. But they're all female :)

Days or even weeks ago I noticed that some leaf tips of the largest plant at the back were turning brown and curling up. Only a little at first, so I didn't think much of it. But now I'm not sure if this is unhealthy behavior. A few of the large leaves have also already turned yellow, which I've removed. The air circulation is better this way, but I'm starting to doubt whether the plant is safe or in danger.

Last night I hung the lamp a little higher (about 30 cm away) and aimed the fan at the wall; previously it had been aimed at the canopy. I hope it was only too much wind/light stress for this one plant.

If you have experience with this I'd love to get some feedback.


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  • That looks like mild nitrogen deficiency. Growing hydroponic herb requires a lot of nutrients. It's not like regular houseplants because they get so much more light. To do a good job, you really need probably a three part fertiliser system. At the very least, a high nitrogen fertiliser for growth, and a high phosphorus/low nitrogen fertiliser for the flowering cycle (lights 12 hrs on/12 hours off).

    HOWEVER, it looks like you are fairly close to finishing these. How many more weeks do you plan on going before you harvest them? It's common in the last week or two to just give the plants pure water (no fert) to force it to use up excess nutrients in the plant itself. Anecdotally, too much fertiliser salts in the plant itself contributes to a harsh smoke. You may just choose not to worry about Mike noticed deficiency and enjoy the end product.

    All in all, your plants look pretty healthy. I'd recommend doing some research on pruning for next time. You've got some pretty substantial lateral growth. Stems are a waste of effort... unless you're shooting to make bespoke hemp.

    • How many more weeks do you plan on going before you harvest them?

      3 weeks in flowering cycle now (since 4/20 :) ). Plan was to wait until they look ripe. (Is there an option to force/delay this?) But they could all 3 be different strains so idk when

      Btw could i dry a first harvest in the same tent where i still have 1 or 2 plants in flowering stage?