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Daily Discussion - 09 May 2024

Use this thread for general daily football discussion.

This thread can also be used to discuss Transfer rumours and to post Tier 4 sources.


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  • Just finished "The Next Doctor" only to realise that there's 4 more episodes afterwards. I kept waiting for him to need to regenerate but no lol. That next Doctor is brilliant though.

    • Which episode is that one? They all blur into one for me now xD

      Get your tissues ready. Tennants last episode hit hard the first time I watched. I think it got me the last time I watched too

      • Yes but in comes the hurricane called Matt Smith

        But, the new episodes with Tennant made me miss him even more

        • It took me a little bit to warm up to Smith. But what a guy. Tennant was my doctor, but it's neck and neck between him and Smith

          • I feel like I'm the only one in the world, but my favourite is a tie between Eccleston and Capaldi! There isn't a new who doctor I don't like though. I would love to watch the old stuff, eventually.

            • Took me a long time to prefer Tennant to Eccleston, tbh, basically only when series 4 came along; Iwouldn't be surprised if other people do prefer Eccleston. I think if Eccleston was Doctor for longer he'd easily be the best.

              And then you see what the MCU did with him and weep.

            • I know a couple, but I think the energy and charisma of Tennent sold me. I think the production value and stories picked up, which helped too. Who knows what may have been if things went differently with Eccleston. He was treated quite poorly, which is a shame.

              I was so looking forward to Capaldi, but I think the quality of the show dipped for me and some of the writing and story lines were meh. I admit that coming off the back of Smith and my expectations is probably why I didn't take to him as much. Then Whittaker happened, and that killed all enthusiasm I had for the show. But, I've been slowly going back and rewatching them with my gf and some friends. With some time I'm hoping Capaldi will grow on me.

              I definitely recommend watching some of the older stuff, although I think it's quite dated xD. I used to watch the older episodes, maybe 15 years or so ago. Saw a little bit of Pertwee, watched all of Tom Baker and loved him (he pretty much set the tone for future Doctor"s being quirky oddballs), saw some Sylvester McCoy who I liked as well. Maybe little bits of Peter Davidson?

              Its kinda cool to see how some of it connects to the reboot. Whether through characters, enemies or references.

      • It's the Christmas special with Cybermen and a hot air balloon.