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How do you handle family requests that you disagree with?

Interesting problem here. So I self host jellyfin, happy to share my (owned) movies with my family. Well, my mother has asked me to digitize her collection too and have me host it. Originally, fine, you give your movies to me, I host them, same thing.

However, what I didn't bet on was the amount of garbage, terrible movies she would give me. There's a few that are fine, but the vast majority are, well I'll just put it bluntly, christian propaganda. I don't think any of them are as terrible as some of the worst case, but think "My life was horrible until I found god now look and see how fulfilled I am" type propaganda - and they make for horrible plots. Left Behind with Kirk Cameron is a good example. Even removing the blatent boring christian plots - it's just a horribly made movie. Cheap, not thought out well, and honestly I read the book decades ago, it's a horrible adaptation too.

Not that I keep only top tier movies in my libraries, but these are, well they just bring a pit to my stomach.

What would you do in my situation? (And I'm going to go ahead and say the pure atheist comments aren't needed, yes of course I could burn them, or dance around them, but I'm not looking to just burn the bridge between my mother and myself over a lifetime of her indoctrination and bad taste in movies). I'm more looking for generic, how do you handle your users asking you to put content you don't find appealing on your server?


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