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trans girl searching for friends in southeast Louisiana

Hi, I'm Emma! If you recognize my avi from Matrix chat rooms, yes I'm that Emma. 😊

Ada and others can verify that I'm legit.

So, long story short:

  • I am lonely

  • I wanna befriend some local trans people here in southeast Louisiana

About me:

  • I started HRT January 2023

  • I have ESP! (Estrogen Spironolactone Progesterone)

  • I'm a Linux nerd

  • I use QubesOS

I'm making this post here, because this is a much bigger audience than the Matrix chat rooms, but I am also nervous.

I know the odds are still against me, but I have to try.


DMs between Lemmy and Kbin/Mbin still do not work, so here is my Lemmy account:

@[email protected]


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