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What are some free interests/things/hobbies you can do in the city?

I live alone and I'm just wasting away my time here. It's actually making me very depressed to be honest. I do live in the city which makes think there ought to be at least something to do out here. Though I can't really afford to spent money on it every day.

So unless it's like a one time purchase or if the costs are actually that low. What do you think I should do?


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  • Look for volunteer opportunities. In my town I found a litter-picking group that met once a week. Then through members of that group I joined another one that maintains flower beds and planters around the town. Then joined an effort to rehabilitate an environment project on a nearby farm, and ended up in the beekeeping team. Another group I was in for a few years organises gentle walks for elderly folks. I learned a huge amount from all these things, and none of it cost me anything but time.