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The Ten Forward Hot Take Thread

Lets say contentious things about Star Trek! I'll start!


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  • If time travel is said to be impossible yet it is so easily achieved in so many story lines in Star Trek than why didn't they just invent a safe way to travel between periods.

    And if there is an eventual temporal war than everything gets destroyed and all life is wiped out in the galaxy. There would have eventually been an extremist group that would have taken the technology to it's fullest limits and traveled back to a period when the galaxy was very young. They would have severely altered everything to the point of not making any future possible.

    It always annoyed me that engineers, scientists and technicians could always find a way to travel back and forth through time "just this once because of this reason" .... yet no one takes up the science to recreate the event and bake technology to purposely travel back and forth through time.