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Tesla will likely be the market leader in self-driving technology and it's a good thing

Soon it will be undeniable that FSD is the most advanced and safest self-driving system on the planet and the haters just need to accept it. It's a good thing because it's literally saving human lives.

You might not like Teslas as a vehicle nor the company itself due to the CEO but the fact is that no other manufacturer offers equally capable self-driving system and this is unlikely to change anytime soon. If you've not been following this technology closely they just switched from human code to 100% neural nets and the difference between V11 and V12 cannot be overstated. It's still not perfect and probably never will be but it's really good and there's a good chance it's already safer driver than the average human. This is all done using only cameras. No radar, no LiDAR.

There's also rumors going around that Ford is about to licence the FSD software in their own vehicles and others are likely to follow so it will not be just Tesla's that are using it.


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