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Linus Torvalds is funlord of LKML /comp/linux/o_direct.html

The thing that has always disturbed me about O_DIRECT is that the whole interface is just stupid, and was probably designed by a deranged monkey on some serious mind-controlling substances [*].

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  • Fresh from LKML:

    So I'm going to have a HARD REQUIREMENT that any compiler complaints need to be really really sane. They need to detect when people do things like this on purpose, and they need to SHUT THE ^&% UP about the fact that wrap-around happens.

    Any tool that is so stupid as to complain about wrap-around in the above is a BROKEN TOOL THAT NEEDS TO BE IGNORED.

    Really. This is non-negotiable.

    • And no, the answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT to add cognitive load on kernel developers by adding yet more random helper types and/or functions.

      We already expect a lot of kernel developers. We should not add on to that burden because of your pet project.


      Be the solution, not the problem.