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Mm.. can someone help?

I was editing my disk and when i wrote the changes and exited cfdisk, no cli command worked. Thats when i realized that im f-ed up.

This what happened: I have 3 partitions, 512M efi, a 100G root partition and some free (unallocated) space. I had 84G worth data in the root patition. I totally forgot that and shrinked the root partition to 32G to extend the free space. I was using cfdisk tool for this. I wrote the changes and rebooted my machine, by long pressing power button coz no cli commands worked after writing those chrnges, to see this.

So is it possible to recover my machine now?

:_ )

SOLUTION Thanks to @[email protected]. cfdisk just updates the partition table. So no worry about data damage . To fix this, live boot -> resize the partition back its original size -> fsck that partition. For more explanation, refer @[email protected] comment


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