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Dell is so frustrating

Dell has got to be one of the most frustrating companies that put out a linux laptop. They put out a laptop certified for ubuntu but then never support newer releases. A big part of their hardware is always proprietary drivers like webcam, fingerprint reader etc.. Then you update to a new LTS release because lets be serious 20.04 at this point is going to sunset in a couple of years... However after you update the webcam stops working, or some other hardware stops working. Then you are constantly troubleshooting to get it working and every kernel update it breaks again. If you ever did ask support they will just tell you to go back to 20.04 image from dell. Not to mention all their OS tools are made for windows even the ones for making linux recovery images... like WTF! I am two years in on this laptop and I am just getting rid of it I cannot put up with this nonsense anymore from them.


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