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(Request) Looking for a CCW backpack without a lot of Velcro

  1. Has ro be a backpack, no sling bags.

  2. I hate Velcro. Picks up hair, wears out. I want to buy this for life.

  3. No leather. Same as Velcro this bag will likely be abused and get wet a lot.


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  • If you’re looking for bifl bag I have to give the obligatory shout out to Goruck. The GR1 has molle on the inside that you can attach a holster to and I’m sure that some of the others do as well. It’s a pack that’s meant to thrive in rough conditions and if you happen to damage it it’s covered by their scars lifetime warranty. I’ve had mine for 7 years now with no issues. The only Velcro it has on the outside is for a patch and I’m sure you can remove it if you don’t want it.