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Zepbound, Weygovy, Mounjaro and other GLP-1 medications DelightfullyDivisive

Some useful information

This seemed quite informative & a way to kick off some conversation, so I’m crossposting from Reddit’s /r/zepbound sub.

I have worked on this over time in the Mounjaro sub but thought I would post it as it might help a few people.

These are not set rules, but rather a guide that has been found helpful by myself and others. In the early stages of taking the drug, the following steps may prove to be helpful: Taking the Medicine

Wait several weeks after picking up the prescription prior to starting. This will give you buffer for supply shortages in the future. These are very real and very impactful so while not required this is highly recommended.
Go buy the OTC meds listed below in the side effects. These are for just in case they are needed.
Store your pens in the box and keep inside your refrigerator. Remember vibration, light, extreme cold or heat above 80 degrees Fahrenheit will reduce the effectiveness of your drug.
Read the booklet inside the box before you do anything. Seriously read it!
Be intentional about selecting your shot day. For example, doing it on a Friday means experiencing maximum effect over the weekend when tendency to indulge is typically high Re: selecting injection day. Or, you may wish to inject on a Wednesday or Thursday if you experience side effects for a day or two after injection. (so, by the weekend, you’re feeling great and hunger suppression is still strong enough to counter any temptation to over-indulge) Make a choice that works for your life.
If you need to move your shot day you may do so as long as you don’t take two doses in under 4 days or more than 14 days apart. Under 4 may result in too much medicine in your system. Over 14 days and Eli Lilly recommends starting over from 2.5mg. Either way consult your doctor prior for either scenario.
Select an injection site location and be sure to rotate between several locations. The injection is hardly noticeable but if you let the pen come to room temp for 30 minutes prior to the shot you will not get a burning sensation from the cold.
If the pen malfunctions or you have any issues / questions post injection then call Eli Lilly ASAP. Number on the box! KEEP THE PEN. Don’t discard as Eli Lilly may offer to exchange the pen.
Process a refill as soon as you use pen #3 in each box. Note: If you have a prescription that allows for a 3 month supply then get all 3 months. This will help you manage through potential shortages.

Lifestyle Changes

Drinking 32oz of water three times a day helps regulate digestion.
Incorporating lean meats and green vegetables in meals provided essential nutrients and fiber while protein helps alleviate tiredness, and vegetables regulated constipation.
It’s advisable to minimize fat, sugar, and carbs during this period for better results.
Purge your house of highly processed or sugary foods, and avoid artificial sweeteners as they interfere with the medicine’s glucagon impact.
Pick a weigh-in day and maintain regularity. Don’t be surprised or discouraged by stalls that occasionally last weeks or even a month as they are normal. Aim for slow, healthy weight loss of around 2 pounds per week.
Track calories and macros using an app of your choice. Use this journey to change the way you eat, learn about your nutritional needs, and focus on eating healthier, decreasing the loss of lean muscle mass.
Get into a fitness routine or some sort. This does not have to be drastic are rigorous but again success with Mounjaro is about changing your lifestyle and health trajectory of which weight loss is just one key metric.

As Your Journey Progresses

Be ready to titrate up but not too eagerly. One does not have to get to 15mg unless their doctor advises otherwise. Work with your doctor to find the correct dosage, and avoid rushing to the top. This also helps keep weight loss in the 2lb range, preventing loose skin, hair loss, and other side effects of rapid weight loss.
Start planning for what life looks like at the end of the weight loss journey. This process is called maintenance, and it is vital to keep sight of what happens afterward. It’s essential to avoid being a statistic and gaining back 80% of the lost weight.
Regularly test your fasting Glucose, A1C, blood pressure, heart rate and cholesterol panel. This may be needed in the future to support insurance claims or future PAs.

Managing Side Effects:

Taking Pepto as needed may help reduce (sulfur) burps. This may turn you tongue black which is normal.
Taking a Pepcid Complete as needed may help alleviate heartburn.
Taking Imodium as need for for diarrhea.
Taking stool softeners as needed aids with constipation early.

Note: Some people have no side effects and some people have a lot. Each person is different. If you don’t have indigestion, don’t the med but have it on hand. Some people have diarrhea instead of constipation, so be prepared but see if you have a side effect before assuming you will have it and taking another medication. Don’t be afraid of side effects or giving shots or any of the other fear thoughts that are stopping you from opening that box and changing your life. You got this!