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For those interested the Van Buren tech demo is still available on ModDB Van Buren tech demo file

The technical demo for Black Isle Studio's Van Buren (cancelled Fallout 3)

Van Buren tech demo file

Van Buren is the codename Black Isle Studios assigned to their second iteration of Fallout 3. It saw development by Black Isle Studios until its cancelation in December 8, 2003 and would have been published by Interplay Entertainment.

It takes place in the United States of America during the Great War. The player character in the demo is referred to only as Citizen, though they share a model with the Prisoner. The Citizen made their way to the relocation center and was escorted to Vault 1 by Corporal Armstrong of the 4th or 13th Armored Infantry Division. To reach the vault, they must fight communist insurgents. After they enter the vault, they must help turn on the life support system.

The URL I linked with this post is to the ModDB page. It's an interesting novelty.

A lot of elements from Van Buren would go on to appear in Fallout New Vegas.

Multiple mods have attempted to recreate what could have been using the leaked design documents and interviews for inspiration.

  • Given the size of the fanbase, I've always been shocked nobody has completed (I know there have been at least a few attempts) a riff on Van Buren. The modern Wasteland games are made on Unity, and show a high end of what it could be like.